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Worms--With Rootkits

It was reported yesterday on Eweek.com that researchers have detected a rootkit that installs when a known AIM, America Online Instant Messenger, worm is activated by clicking on a link. This is first known instance where a rootkit is attached to a worm and is a disturbing turn of events. From the sound of things this rootkit aids in the distribution of the worm by disabling anti-virus software and possibly opening up the infected computer to other cyber attacks.

Although the Eweek.com story only specifies AOL Instant Messenger sarc and other anti-virus sites have reported that variations of this worm have been known to infect through the use of MSN Messenger and Yahoo instant messenger.

As a general rule if you don't know where it's from don't on click on links in email or instant message's.

Here's a link to the Eweek.com story


My First Posting

Welcome to my first attempt at blogging. This blog will mainly focus on the world of technology, I know that there are already a lot of blogs and websites that cover this topic, but I'm going to try bring a new perspective to the topic. I'll so try to demystify topics for the average computer user. I look forward to posting and also reading any comments or questions that may arise.

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