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iOS 5

The latest version of Apple's mobile operating was released to the public this last week. So far there have mixed reports of issues in the upgrade process. I was able to upgrade both my iPad 1st generation and iPhone 3G with little effort. The improved notification center, spilt keyboard, find my iPhone integration, as well as the twitter integration have improved the overall experience of my devices. iCloud is a great addition as well. Giving users the ability the backup their device without a computer. Keep in mind that this review is based on just the first few days of usage.


National Debt 2011

I normally avoid getting publicly involved in political events, but the current situation in Washington has pushed me into writing my representatives at the federal level. I've always tried to be first person to listen to both sides of a discussion. I also strongly believe that everyone should exercise their right to vote. Now I am strongly urging everyone to get involved with the current situation, read at least two different sources- one that you agree with and one that you normally would not. Between these sources form your own opinion and write your representatives.