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2010 was a year in which a lot of us saw changes to our day to day planning in the in IT world. It also was year in which Microsoft released products to complete in the smart phone market as well as complete against Nintendo's Wii platform. It gave the release of Apple's iPad table. Apple finally signed a deal with apple records to release the Beetles on iTunes. It saw Apple release the fourth generation of iPhone, and learn why antenna's are not out on the outside of cell phone cases. 2010 was the year in which Google's Android cell phone operating system saw great adoption, and surpassed the iPad and Blackberry in the United States. It showed us that a secure network is only as secure as the workstations that are connected to it. 2010 was also the year which re-enforced the ideal's that information is power, and he who controls the information controls does not always control the perception of the truth. 2010 was a year that in a lot of ways made us think of the previous economic history of Western civilization and how we are now more inter-connected than ever before in ever more ways.



Yesterday 2009 past into the great darkness of history. It was a year that filled highs and lows. A year in which the world changed yet again. We saw the birth of the smart phones wars between Apple and Google, while Microsoft fell further behind in the battle. On brighter note Microsoft released the best bug fix ever with Windows 7 to replacement to the besieged Windows Vista.