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Windows 7 Has Microsoft Not Learned From Vista

Early this Microsoft announced the number of individual SKUs for the upcoming Windows 7 operating system. I and great number of others were truly hoping that Microsoft had learned more for the failings of Windows Vista. In move that shows that Microsoft is trying to increase it's profit margin it will not be turning back the clock to Windows XP and releasing only two SKUs for the Windows 7 product line as was hoped. From most of the reports that I have read Windows 7 will the same number of product SKUs as Windows Vista.

I for one remember the day's when Microsoft was talking about thinking about simplifing the number of product SKUs for Windows down to one SKU for all workstation types and a few SKUs for the server class product. I tend to agree with most of the complaints about this move by Microsoft, and believe that this lead to confusion across the board when end users decide to purchase a newer computer or upgrade their Windows Vista's machines to the latests and greatests version of Windows.


UPDATE-2: Circuit City

Circuit City has files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It strongly looks like Circuit City will be following the now defunct CompUSA. I look for more stores to close as their stock drops.