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New Section added to KC Techman.com

This morning I added a How-to's section to the site.  The content for this section is being generated from information that I have found useful over the years. It will grow over time.


Moving the Site...

Over the past year I have been toying with the idea of moving KC Techman site to a new hosting solution.  And with the year quickly coming to an end I am now in the position that the site must be moved.  I will not go into the whys, but just know that the previous hosting service changed a great deal over the last two years.  And with those changes I was no longer willing to stay put. 

Enough about the old and on to the new hosting service.  After looking into a variety of hosting solutions I settled on the highly recommended Squarespace.com hosting provider.  Some of the key points in my descion where as follows:

  • I no longer have the time to fully code a website of my own.
  • The tools that Squarespace provides are by far the best that I've ever used.
  • Squarespace handles the scaling and security of their hosted sites.  (This relates back to point one.)
  • Content changes are the easiest that I've seen.
  • No lock in.
  • Ease of Structural changes, i.e the overall look and feel of the site.