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The World According to Facebook

Over the past few weeks there has been an uprising against Facebook over the privacy policy, or lack thereof. The largest social networking web site with over 400-million users now looks a lot more like it's rival, MySpace, did a few years back when comes to user privacy. With the need to enhance it's revenues Facebook seems to constantly changing and transforming it's policies when comes to end user data and personal information. When web site or software privacy policy grows to a size that larger than US Constitution it is time to re-evaluate the it's usefulness. At this point Facebook is more about a business seeking to grows it's profits than about connecting to friends and family members in private manor. At the heart of the issues is that fact that most users are not evening aware of the inherent problems that are associated with sharing every aspect of their lives in an online community with little to no protections. As with anything that share, post, publish, store, and transfer via the Internet you must accept that there are certain risks involved. In this case the service provider has built their user base by claiming to value user privacy and they have now violated that trust. Will they be able to regain it, that is a question that only time will tell?