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The Rant of the Week--So far

Paulson and Bush have screwed our economy again. They have changed the way that the $700 Billion bailout plan that the congress passed is going to be used. The stock market is dropping farther again. Plus now Best Buy and Macy's are showing signs of be affected by the down turn. From watching this administrations handling of the markets over the last 8 years it really does not supprise me that all of this happening. After all when you let the fox guard the hen house you'll loose a lot more then a few eggs.


Election Day 2008

Today we as United States Citizens have the right and duty to vote for the leadership for the next four years. This is a duty that should not be taken lightly, and is right that we must all exercise. For without this right freedom would not exist, so please take the time today to stand for something bigger than yourself. Take the time no matter how long it takes to exercise your right and do your duty, vote.

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