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Possible Storage Options for the iPad

While there have been tons of stories in press and other blogs about how the iPad lacks the storage that end users will require at a reasonable price. This is not as doom and gloom as it might seem. Think of the iPad as a temporary short-term storage device, not a device that you are going to storage media and information on for the long term. If you approach the device from this point of view even the 16GB version works has a platform. Following this point of view even further, with the ever growing number of cloud based storage solutions that are available today at relativity inexpensive cost the storage argument starts to lose it's traction. Of course you must ask yourself how you are planning on using this device? This is the most important question that someone should ask themselves when evaluating the purchase of this style of device. While I'm not discounting the argument or discussion. I feel that most people are making too big a deal of a perception which may be false.


While there are few options on the internal storage of the iPad product line, there are other options to enhance the storage of the device without totally braking the bank. Most of these include utilizing cloud base storage solution such as dropbox. Others include using the camera kit to import media while away from your home computer. While this might function to increase the number of video's you might have access to while way.  It does not address the exporting of documents that you may have created on the device to increase the amount of free space that is available.  All though this could be accomplished exporting the documents via email and emailing them to yourself.


Air Sharing HD is not a free app and does not sync with dropbox. It will set you back $9.99. Allows you upload content to your iPad wirelessly.

Dropbox will allow you play media files via the QuickTime player. It will also allow you to open documents in iWork, but currently you can not save changes out to your drop box folders. So you'll need to either email the updates to your self or sync via iTunes upon your return home. The cost of the dropbox is free, but if you need more than 2GBs of storage you'll need to pony up for a yearly subscription.

SurgarSync is an app that connects to another service which is similar to dropbox. This app is also free and looks to provide the same feature set as the dropbox app.


My first use of the iPad with 3G enabled

This morning I enabled a data plan on the iPad. I'm able to use logmein over the AT&T network with a bit of lag. I tried to download some new apps and was unable to download any apps that were over 20MBs in size. I also attempted to stream video with the TwitPad app. This functioned fully as it does while connected to my home WiFi network. The testing location for this batch of tests was located north of Kansas City International airport and about 2 miles off of Interstate 29. So far the data usage while attached to 3G is 40MBs. This with about an hour and a half of usage time. With that being said I do not see the $14.99 data option being of any value, unless you are planning on just using it check email and occasionally browsing the web.