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iOS 4.x Tracking

Earlier today it was reported by a security research firm that all iOS 4 devices have been recording their GPS locations in a database which is located on the device.  I'll post more information once I've had a chance to review the firm's data and have read more information about the issue.


Review of the Otter Box Defender iPad case.

After using the Apple case of the iPad since June my bought me a new case of Christmas. I had looking at purchasing an otter box defender case for the past few months, but just was not sure. My wife purchased one for me for Christmas, and after using it for the past few days I must say that the case is everything that I had been wanting. The case adds some weight to the device, but for my needs the trade off is just fine. I would rather have a case the overly protects my iPad than have to replace the device due to it getting damaged.