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Google Announces Fiber Testbed Network

If you thought that the sparring over Internet Neutrality was dying down then you'd be wrong.  Google has announced that will be rolling out fiber to home networking in select area's of the United States.  I would guess that these rollouts will occur mainly in cities where Google has Data Center presence.  I would also guess that this is another attempt by Google to force the existing telecom's and cable providers to speed by their own rollouts across the nation.  Early reports are saying that Google will not be asking for any of the $7.2 billion in funding for broadband that was included in last year's economic stimulus bill.  They are also guest-a-mating that speeds on this Google-net will be 50 to 300 times faster than the DSL, cable and fiber-optic networks.  And the cost will be roughly that of cable or DSL.  On Google's on web page (see link below) for the announcement they are asking for "Requests For Information". These requests can come from local governments or residents and community groups.



Network Neutrality

Of late there has been a lot of news about Network Neutrality. I found following video on youTube.com and thought that it is cleaver way of informing people about what Big Business is trying to do.

The next video clip is from the "Daily Show". Being from the "Daily Show" Viewer discretion is advised