Google Kinda Announces that Fiber Rollout

Yesterday Google's fiber service posted an updated map for the Kansas City Metro area rollout.  The update includes the Coming Next areas of

  • Kansas City, MO North of the River.  Google is calling it North Kansas City, MO
  • South Kansas City, MO
  • Westwood, KS
  • Westwood Hills, KS
  • Mission Woods,KS

Google also announced the rollout order for the Current Cities.  These would be the core Kansas City, Mo and all of Kansas City, KS.  They went futher by providing a loose schedule for when the first rally fiberhoods would be built out and have their service turned on.



iPhone 5 Announced

Updates to come....


iPhone 5 specs that have been announced so far

  • 112 grams (20 percent lighter than 4s)
  • 7.6 mm (18 percent thinner)
  • 4-inch display (up from 3.5 inches)
  • 1136x640 pixel resolution (up from 960x640)
  • 5th row of icons on the screen
  • 44 percent more color saturation
  • LTE network compatible
  • available on Verizon/Sprint/ATT
  • 2x faster processor and graphics A6 chip
  • Facetime over cellular
  • New dock connector
  • Pricing and date of availability not announced yet.

Battery Information

  • 3G talk time / 3G data / LTE date 8hrs
  • Wi-Fi browsing 10hrs
  • Video 10hrs
  • Music 40hrs
  • Standby 225hrs